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Making sure your Claim is treated Fairly


       Licensed Public adjuster in FL, OR, NJ

No Recovery, No Fee. 

We make sure you get the maximum settlement from your claim.

 We have over 15 years of experience working claims. No claim is too small or too big. If Insurance companies have their own Adjuster looking after their best interest, why would you not have an Adjuster looking after yours! New, Underpaid, Denied  Claim? We Can Help!

A report from the Florida OPPAGA, a legislative office of policy analysis, states that a public adjuster gets policyholders on average 747% more in their insurance settlement than if they had not used one. This is proof positive that by using a public adjuster you're assured much more money for your insurance claim.

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Type of claims we handle


Hurricane Damage

Wind Storm, Hurricane, Hail, or Tornado can cause real damage to your property. With over a decade dealing with storms, let our team help you properly scope the damages and get you correctly indemnified.


Mold damage

Wind Storm, Hurricane, Hail, or Tornado can cause real damage to your property. With over a decade dealing with storms, let our team help you scope the damages and get you correctly indemnified.


Water Damage

Plumbing, broken pipe, drain collapse, air conditioning leak, overflow are some of the causes of water damage to your property. Any kind of water damage to your property should be covered by your home owner insurance. Give us a call now and let us help you through the complicated process of filling a claim


Theft / Vandalism

“Vandalism is considered willful and malicious damage to, or destruction of, the described property. So any Vandalism damage such as a graffiti painting or burglars trying to break in, it's all covered by your residential or commercial policy. Same with Theft. We help you build a professional content inventory to present to the insurance company and make sure you receive every dollar you're entitled to under your policy.


Fire Damage

Cooking, electrical, accidental fire is more common than you think. Big or small with just the presence of soot inside the house proper mitigation is Extremely important. Give us a call and let us guide you through this process. Let us fight on your behalf and give you peace of mind!



Weather the flood was created by a Hurricane or for any other Weather related incident, if you live in a low zone you most probably have a separate policy just for Flood. This means it is regulated by The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is administered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Nothing to worry about, is just a different procedure than with dealing directly with a private carrier. We have handled floods for over 10 years. Let us give you a hand and give us a call today!

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"Do yourself a favor and make the call… I had all but given up when my insurance providers abandoned me like roadkill after hurricane Irma…in a last ditch effort I reached out to a public adjuster and that’s when I found Richard Boullon… truly change my life. Both properties have been restored and are, in fact, better because the improvements are actually upgrades. I honestly cannot say enough to convey my gratitude."

Ernesto Rodriguez, FL

"My Claim experience was par none. Excellent service, quickly solved restoration. Very attentive!!! Fully recommended!!!"
"Awesome service, very professional and reliable! I truly recommend it."
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